Al-Noor Group of Industries came into existence in mid 1960s and are presently engaged in manufacturing of white refined sugar, MDF Board (Lasani Wood), Trading and Insurance businesses.

Vision Statement:

  • To keep climbing the ladder of success, by offering innovative products and services which are fully compatible to needs of the varied client base.
  • To meet the requirements of small business and industry. Particularly the SME's to ensure that this sector which plays a critical part in the economy, does not remain starved of credit.
  • The Modaraba remains fully cognizant of the interest of all the stakeholders, and takes prudent and well informed decisions which are not prejudicial to anyone's interest.

Mission Statement:

  • To inculcate the most efficient, ethical and time tested business practices in our management.
  • To uphold our reputation for acting with responsibility and integrity, respecting the laws and regulations, traditions and cultures of the country within which we operate.
  • To accomplish excellent results through increased earnings that can benefit all the stakeholders.
  • To work as a team and put the interest of the Modaraba before that of the individuals.

Associated Undertakings (The Group)

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